Downtown Business Improvement Grant

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The City of Whitesboro is dedicated to the revitalization and enhancement of our historic downtown area. The policy aims to promote economic growth, foster business development, enhance the overall quality of life for the community, preserve our town’s rich heritage, and create a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors. In an effort to assist the businesses downtown with keeping the buildings in good condition the City has developed a Downtown Economic Development Incentive Policy and a Grant program. This program offers a total matching grant to the business owners in an amount up to $10,000.00. The city will pay 75% of the cost with the business owners paying the additional 25% of the cost. 


A link to the Whitesboro Downtown Improvement Grant Program Policy is below. 


A link to the Whitesboro Building Improvement Grant Program Application is below.


This grant is a 380 grant that is allowed by the Texas Comptroller. You may view the comptroller report on these grants by clicking on the following link. 


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