Here you will find links to important forms that can be submitted to the Police Department.

You can email the forms back to  lwhitten [at] or print them off, fill them out, and bring them into the PD located at 113 W Main St in Whitesboro.

Downloadable forms include:

  • Alarm Permits
    • Allows you to apply for an alarm permit for your residence or business. Permits are $25 a (calendar) year.
  • Cattle/Livestock Form
    • To be filled out by cattle/livestock owners. It gives the PD more information on who owns the animals if they ever get loose and gives us updated contact information to get in touch with the owners.
  • Citizen's Complaint Form
    • For citizens wishing to file a formal complaint against another citizen.
  • Record Request Form
  • Request Extra Patrol
    • This is for those that will be vacationing and want Officers to patrol their residence a little more than usual, or for residents, under certain circumstances, who want an officer's presence around the area for an extended amount of time.

**All forms should be filled out completely, please do not leave any lines blank. If the statement/question does not pertain, please answer with "N/A" (not applicable)

If you have any questions please call our non-emergency, 24 hour line at (903)-564-3585.